Jeff ProfileJeff has written scores for many types of media productions, from television shows to videogames. He recently finished the music for the indie game “Tinertia,” being developed by Candescent Games and Section Games. He co-wrote the music (with composer Curtis Schweitzer) for the TV show “The Black Dawn,” produced by New Renaissance Pictures, did the sound design for two consecutive “Assassin’s Creed” slots promotions, wrote the music for a commercial for the company “Hawaii First,” and has scored over 25 films, mostly independent and student. In addition to composing, Jeff has created sound effects for videogames, can play piano, violin, and sing baritone, and has years of experience in live mixing.

Jeff has been involved in the music industry most of his life. Born and raised near Seattle, Washington, he was a member of the prestigious “Northwest Boychoir,” a young vocal ensemble that has been featured in numerous soundtracks for both film and videogames, and in high school he was accepted into the “Composer’s Workshop” with the Seattle Symphony, a competitive workshop directed by composer-in-residence Samuel Jones. Jeff moved to California to obtain his bachelor’s in Music Composition from Biola University where he studied with composer Neil Argo (The New Mission: Impossible / Wild America / Beverly Hills 90210), orchestrator Mike Watts (Iron Man 2 / Evan Almighty / Sin City), and independent of the school studied with composer Christopher Young (Spiderman 3 / The Grudge / Ghost Rider). Jeff is already heavily involved with the independent and student film industry, but he also has credits in writing music for most forms of media, including the commercial, online, and live venues. Jeff is a proud member of ASCAP.